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The Aslı Tarcan Medical Centre offers its services through the most developed technological products in the fields such as hair transplantation, medical aesthetics, plastic surgery, mouth (oral) and dental health and so on, with its international experience and specialist cadre.

The Aslı Tarcan Medical Centre that ranks on the top at all times in Turkey as the most valuable and esteemed institution, preferred by those from all quarters of the world, at the health and beauty sector promises you the most aesthetics route to happiness. Please do not forget about it! 

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Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

This means the medicine works, carried out with a view of aesthetics at the locations, deemed as required on the body. Along with the surgical necessities, this comes forth as a branch where those of individuals, who desire to be appeared as more aesthetical or are not happy with any point/part on their bodies.

yüz estetik

Facial Aesthetics

This is used on the parts such as nose, lips, supraorbital (areas), ears and so on in order to soften the expression lines on the face and facial lines. It increases the natural beauty of the person and gives a self-confident appearance.

göğüs estetiği

Chest Aesthetics

This is used in order to help the person to have the chest dimension, desired by the person pertaining thereto and allow the same acquire the desired shape.  Necessary attention and care is given so that natural appearance and attractive results are obtained.

vucut estetigi

Body Aesthetics

This is used for the removal of any aesthetics concern(s) or deformations that may occur at different points/parts of the body in the course of time.  The primary purpose in this context is to make the person have an aesthetics and natural appearance in the subtitles such as abdomen lifting (abdominoplasty), hip lifting, lipid-filling and so on.

vagina estetigi

Genital Aesthetics

This covers all processes aiming to remove any genital deformation. The old age or faulty operations, carried out previously, might have caused these deformations or the genital aesthetics may be related to the personal preference of individuals.

Hair Transplantation and Treatments

We, as the most preferred hair transplantation centre of Turkey, offer the FUE hair transplantation, DHI hair transplantation, beard transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, PRP treatment, mesotherapy treatment services at the hospital environment. We also have the VIP transfer and hotel services as well.

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