Genital Area (Vagina) Aesthetics

Genital Area Aesthetics

In addition to the fact that the physical and aesthetical problems at the vagina cause psychological and social problems, they negatively affect the sexual-life as well.

The vaginal aesthetics operations that are made in order to eliminate all these problems are carried out at our centre on the basis of the highest attention and care as well as confidentiality.

The aesthetical process due to be applied onto the vaginal region is determined on the basis of the requirement of the person concerned.

The vaginal region aesthetics are very sensitive operations that must be carried out at a sterile environment at the operating room. It is possible for them to be made either under general or local anaesthesia according to the process to be made there under and it is generally possible for the person to be discharged on the same day following the operation. The operations, indicated by us herein below, are either carried out on one’s own or joint basis.


The inner labia deformations ranking on the top among the problems, witnessed most at the vaginal area, may create the problem of an aesthetic concern along with various health problems

As in the cases of other operations, carried out at our centre, the operation is effectuated in an easy and comfortable manner at the labioplasty operation by taking advantage of the up-to-date laser technology. Furthermore, since the operation is carried out through the laser technology, this enables a positive result to be obtained within a short post-operation period.
vagina ic dudak estetigi


This operation is made to our patients, who have an enlargement complaint by the declination of flexibility especially as a result of uncontrolled birth, hormonal factors and relaxation of tissues subject to old-age (aging).

In order to get and achieve the best result, it is necessary to start with the vaginal area and make progress into the vagina for an average distance of 7 cm and then take out extra tissues and thereby, complete the operation. The operations, made by making a progress of 2-3 cm into it, may turn out to be far from a satisfactory and sufficient result.


The hymen is an area taking place in the vaginal entry and having a different structure in everybody else. Furthermore, the hymen may not be torn off by the sexual intercourse only; it may either be like this naturally (from the birth) and may be torn off by accident and different causes. The hymenoplasty is a personal preference and therefore, is carried out at our centre in accordance with a strict confidential manner.


The most important troubles of women that may have arisen either from menopause or birth or stress may be the problems such as frigidness, loss of sensitivity, dryness, pain during the intercourse, urinary incontinence and so on. Well then, the O-shot application that is defined as a kind of orgasm vaccine that will eliminate all these problems is a reliable and effective non-surgical method.

Medically approved Platelet – Rich Plasma therapy is used in practice. A PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy)is applied on the inner genital and clitoral area of women at the O-Shot method and by doing so, the stimulation of the area is achieved. The most important advantage of the PRP application is that it is natural and does not have any side effect(s).

In brief, the problem of not reaching orgasm is brought to an end; and the problem of urinary incontinence is settled down satisfactorily and the trouble of vaginal dryness is eliminated.
mutluluk operasyonu


The G-Shot process, which is called as the growth of the point G, is an application that enlarges the G point temporarily in the women, who are active in sexual point of view, and is a simple and non-surgical operation, but must be carried out by specialist physicians.

At this application, a collagen/hyaluronic acid injection is made to the area immediately under the urinary channel within the vagina. Following the application, made to the mentioned area, the G point is enlarged and sexual desire is increased and having orgasm becomes possible.


The penis that is the sexual organ of the man consists of 4 separate sections, for instance, penile glans, corpuscavernosum, corpusspongiosum and urethra.

The penis lipid injection process due to be made to the persons, who are not happy with their penis sizes, is known as penis thickening and penis filling as well. The penis enlargement processes are carried out by our specialist physicians at the surgery room environment at the hospital. It is possible, on the one hand, to use ready-made chemical fillings in the penis enlargement processes and on the other, however, the lipid (fat) of the body of the person concerned. In the event that the penis enlargement process will be made by the lipid injection, the lipid is generally taken from the belly or buttocks section subject to the structure of the related person. The process is made by the sedation anaesthesia method and the patient is generally discharged on the same day. After the process, the penis is wrapped up by compression bandage and it is taken out after an approximate period of 4-5 days. This operation does not become clear definitely unless the person having undergone the operation is not indicated and it does not make any loss of feeling – pleasure experienced.

The most important point after the operation to pay after the operation is the requirement to keep away from any sexual intercourse up to a month after the operation. The extension in penis through the lipid injection process is possible up to 3-4 cm under the most favourable conditions and thickening, however, up to 7-16 cm.


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