Lipid injection

Operation Duration

30-90 min


Same day

Getting back to Social Life

2 day

About Lipid injection

These are the types of operations, in which the lipids, taken from the belly, waist, hips or buttocks areas, are transferred into the points where the body loses its fullness and aesthetical appearance subject to excessive loss of weight or aging, in order to have a desirable volume and more aesthetical appearance.

Stages of the Operation

The lipid injection operations that can be made locally according to the area where the operation will be carried out thereon or under general anaesthesia continue for an average duration of 30-90 minutes. The patients, undergone such operation can be discharged on the same day and continue their social life after the elapse of 2 days. The processes referring to the lip enlargement, breast (rhytidoplasty ) enlargement, hip enlargement, face lifting (rhytidoplasty), elimination of deformation at genital area, hand rejuvenation, correction of bandy legs (gonycrotesis) and elimination of pits that may occur on the individuals, undergone a liposuction operation previously, are conducted through the lipid injection at our centre.


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Very Comfortable

I was having a health problem with my nose that’s why i came here. They welcomed me friendly. Aslı Tarcan is so nice, she made me feel so comforted. My operation was also very comfortable. I’m glad i came here.

Alphonsine Cornélie
Painless Operation

At a time when I was having a hard time, I cam efor an area that was psychologically disturbing me. That’s why i chose Aslı Tarcan. Thank god i made that decision and came here. I had a painless operation. Her team is really the expert of this job. Thank you so much!

Elif Sezer
Great Team

A great team and great service! Aslı Tarcan understands very well what a woman minght need when it comes to aesthetics.Aslı Tarcan is a very friendly person who follows fashion and trends.Thank you very much to the entire team who contributed to my operation.

Sevinç Alperen
Great Memory

After reading the positive reviews on the internet, I decided to come to this clinic for a special operation. From the moment I walked in, I knew I was putting myself in expert hands. It was a great feeling to meet Aslı Tarcan. We took a photo with Aslı Tarcan and her team on the last day. It was a great operation and a great memory.

Shaima Bahadur
Very Pleased

Aslı Tarcan is a very friendly person, without hesitation I shared my troubles. They applied the necessary procedures to the necessary parts of my body with a professional team. Briefly, I’m very pleased… Thank you Aslı Tarcan and her team!

Nur Yurt
Brand-New Healthy Me

I found Aslı Tarcan on Instagram. I contacted them from there and they invited me for a preliminary conversation. It was a very nice and comfortable environment. We talked as if they were my friend about the problem I had and we decided on the operation. After the operation, there was a brand-new healthy me in the mirror. Thank you Aslı Tarcan!

Cor Carolien