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Design of Smiling (Smiling Aesthetics)

Your smiling design is planned by our specialist physicians according to your tooth and gingiva and feature (facial complexion) in consideration of your preferences.

Important criteria in the smiling aesthetics are the conformance of the tooth colour, gingiva colour, gingiva level as well as lips and teeth with each other. The procedures and treatments that are applied in our centre are indicated herein below.
saglikli gulumseme


It is possible to correct a bad appearance (look) and deformation taking place at the frontal area of the teeth through the Laminate Veneer method. The most important factor of the porcelaine laminate is the application of a porcelaine laminate referring to a thickness of 0,3 and 0,7 mm without causing too much harm to the teeth related thereto and even further, if the tooth structure is convenient, without making any grinding at all. The Laminate Veneer is an application where it is possible to get the result in a short period of time and in which you can determine the formation and colour of the teeth at your free discretion. It also provides an important aesthetical advantage through its light transmittance and transparent structure.

lamine dis


The zirconium is an element available in the nature. It is used in the dentistry applications by means of its aesthetical appearance and soundness (durability). There may be same losses occurring in the teeth in the teeth for the reasons such as skewness, decay, trauma and so on. Zirconium crowning produces solution just at this very point or stage. A planning of relevant application due to be made after the medical examination of a dentist is made there under.

zirkonyum dis


The applications, carried out on the gingiva are called as a pink aesthetics. The gingiva aesthetics is carried out at our institution in consideration of your comfort through a laser technology without any pain and bleeding.

At the end of an examination to be carried out by our specialist gingiva dentist, it is possible to take the gingivas 4 mm upward in order to create a smiling aesthetics and by doing so, the smiling aesthetics is completed.
pembe dis


The whitening process is an application, made in order to decolourize the colour of the teeth. The whitening process is carried out by laser or office type / domestic type whitening sets in a combined manner in consideration of the state of the tooth at issue. The teeth whitening process can be carried out on everybody, who has completed their tooth development and does not have any allergy against the products due to be used therein. There is not any harm of the teeth whitening process, carried out under the control of the dentists. The laser application is used in order to ensure the activation of the whitening medication and get result in a shorter period of time.
dis beyazlatma


The implant system that we use in the loss of one or more than one tooth provides opportunity to combine the aesthetics with durability. The implants that are compatible with human body and lifetime guarantee are used at our clinic. The tooth implant application is carried out by our oral and maxillofacial surgeons in a sterile environment. The most important matter in the implant application is the conformance of implant to the jaw structures, and the jaw structure, however, to the process.

The application may either be under local anaesthesia or under a sedation / general anaesthesia for our guests who have any phobia pertaining thereto. 1 member implant process continues for an average period of 20 minutes and it may then, be possible to return to normal life cycle after the process or application.


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