Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

At our current period, the makeup is an indispensable reality of being well-groomed. All ladies, who want to appear cute and well-groomed, make a makeup or cause their makeup to be made in this respect. However, the permanent makeup application lend a helping hand to the ladies, who have the lack of time as a result of daily hassles and want to appear as well-groomed.

It is possible to appear as well-groomed on 7/24 hours by means of a permanent makeup application. The said permanent makeup is a process referring to the vaccination of natural water-based dye consisting of colour pigments into the epidermis at the location where it is required to make an application. The most important difference by and between the permanent makeup and tattoo, the dye is not left on the epidermis, but on the dermal layer. Therefore, while the tattoo appears to be permanent, the makeup is discharged from our body as long as the cell is renewed itself.

Notwithstanding that the permanent makeup application shows changes according to the skin structure of the person concerned, it shows an approximate permanence of 2 to 5 years. The permanent makeup applications are eye brow eyeliner, lip, areole, nipple colouring that is made after the mastectomy, scars, skin blemishes, vitiligo and alopecia. The permanent makeup application is not made to those carrying HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), diabetics and haemophilia patients.


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